Unity camera sizing vs map sizing

Currently am trying to go from tiled to unity, using tiled2unity, followed online tutorial from rm2kdev.
what happens is the unity camera is like super small and the map is like HUGE, and no matter what sizing or anything I do I cant get it to fit, the settings in the pictures below for my camera and my map, its just a random starting map didn’t put too much into it. when I set my vetex or whatever, (too tired) to 0.01 it defaults back to 100. so I did like .032 that I found on another post, and it gives me close to 32 pixels per units, (really tired so I hope I’m making sense.) So im not sure what im doing wrong, I follow everything step by step in the video then when I get to this part I just hit a stump.
hopefully somebody can help me resolve. I really feel like I’ve looked everywhere in forums, so sorry if repost (doubt it is)

Hi Todd, it sounds like you’re using an old version of Tiled2Unity or are looking at an old tutorial. What was “Vertex Scaling” is now been replaced by the same “Pixels Per Unit” that is used in Unity when you are importing textures to be used as sprites.

If your sprites have a Pixels Per Unit setting of 100 (which is the default in Unity) then you’ll want to use 100 in Tiled2Unity as well.

Guess it was an old tutorial. and now I’m feeling so much regret for not just trying it at default settings… I spent like 4 hours before I finally posted here. Thank you so much.