What is the render order option doing?

When I click the new map button in the upper-left, I see a ‘Tile render order’ option that gives ‘Right Down’, ‘Right Up’, ‘Left Down’, and ‘Left Up’ options. I tried changing this value to see any difference while drawing the tiles, but they do not appear to be transformed in any way; I used an orthogonal map.

Is the render order related to z-indexing? I’m having trouble finding examples or documentation on this option, and I was led to this issue thread: https://github.com/bjorn/tiled/issues/455

I’d really appreciate any examples or clarification on this option.

Indeed the option is related to z-indexing since it determines in which order the tiles on each layer will be rendered.

By default Tiled starts in the top-left, renders the top row, then renders the next row until it reaches the bottom. This is the “Right Down” rendering order. Sometimes this isn’t the right order in which to render the tiles, as can be seen in screenshots in the github issue you linked to, hence Tiled now allows you to choose different rendering orders.

Currently this option is only supported on orthogonal maps.

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