Issue with isometric tile setsize

I’m a new user with Tiled. I’m encountering this issue with my isometric map. The tileset size for the map itself is 64 x 32 pixels, however, I’ve made a sprite as 320 x 160 pixels tileset (which is proportional). I’m getting the following issue.


I’m unsure of how to resolve it. I suppose I could split the sprite tileset into smaller pieces, but that may become cumbersome with larger sprites.

If you’re using several layers, the it may be a layer ordering issue, layers are drown bottom-up.

Also, as you have overlapping tiles then it might be an issue with the renderorder, open the Map Properties panel (menu Map > Map Properties…) there you can change the value of the renderorder property (Right Up may work for you).

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Within a layer, the tiles are drawn from top to bottom, left to right. In addition, the tiles are bottom-left aligned in their cell, which is why the large blue rectangle tile is positioned where it is, and then being overlapped by the smaller sand tile from the same row that is drawn later.

I think in this case you’ll want to use the layer ordering mentioned by @baylej, by placing the large blue tile in a layer above the sand layer, in which case no sand tile will overlap it.

Alternatively, you could put that large blue tile in its own tileset, and use the “Drawing Offset” property of the tileset to shift it by half its width to the left. That will make placement for this tile more intuitive and would also avoid the overlap, at least with this exact shape.

Unfortunately the rendering order property still only applies to orthogonal maps. Other map orientations are ignoring this property. There definitely are rendering orders that would avoid this issue, so it’s worth considering to implement this.

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Thank you so much. It worked!