What's up for the Tiled Roadmap?

I’m a bit curious, but I sometimes wonder what’s planned for Tiled, which has just been updated to 1.11, and those changes are really helping out.

What’s the focus for the next few updates, besides the usual maintenance patches that come shortly once an update is released? I would think a roadmap of sorts would be laid out.

For one, of speaking, I often think of how Tiled’s technical state of handling larger, longer maps, even complex, could be revamped to become far more smoother, and easier to those who have stronger CPUs and more RAM for computers trying to make the massive maps they want without losing performance and sacrifice for efficiency. I know its not a matter of using more RAM, but I feel there should be greater ease for all of it, anyway.

I’m already imagining of how we could see far more larger Metroidvania made maps or those far longer than 2D Sonic, or any Sonic-inspired maps with whatever more crazier setpieces they could create.

Another of my thinking is better bridging of using Aseprite, which as of 1.3, is now able to make tilesets from within the program, which is really amazing, to say, but the latest changes may need to be well adapted for better ease of use within the tilesets made there.

My thanks for Tiled getting more powerful with updates!

Tiled’s roadmap can be found on Github.

Do you have specific feature and improvement ideas? In this and your other thread, you’ve said things that sound like good ideas, but upon a closer look, there’s nothing actually there to get a developer started, it’s all too vague.
For example, what changes would you like to see in Tiled that would make Aseprite-made tilesets easier to use? They’re just images like any other, as easy (or as annoying) to use as any other, as far as I can tell, what information do you expect Tiled to be able to get from Aseprite that it doesn’t already?