Where can I find the Tileset properties to change the image aligment?


I am trying to find where exactly I can change the alignment of the images from bottom-left to anything else, sincerely. I found a lot of references online, and even on the documentation (Editing Tilesets — Tiled 1.10.1 documentation) but I have a hard time finding the exact place where.

I don’t have a top menu called “Tileset” and I can only see where to edit the Tileset, but there isn’t any option related to that there.

Can you help me with a screenshot of where exactly I’m supposed to look for?

Sorry if this is common knowledge or easy to find, but I looked for it for the last two days and it’s escaping me.

The “Tileset” menu is only available when you’re in the tileset editor, i.e. you’re editing a tileset. You mentioned you can “see where to edit the Tileset”, click that and you should be able to see a “Tileset” menu.

It doesn’t make much sense to have a “Tileset” menu in the map editor (where you edit maps), since a map may have many tilesets.

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Wow, thanks, I never noticed the menu changed. Such a simple direction, thank you