Where to look / what to type to find what I need

Probably extremely stupid question, but I never done pixel art game development and lack terminology.

I decided I want to play around with 32x32 tiles for game’s overworld and looking for characters in final fantasy / golden sun style. Actually, any style will be okay, as long as there is set with quite a lot of sprites (?), preferably with 4 sides and at least some of them x2 to be able to animate the walk.

Anyone knows any package with something like that? Where to look for stuff like this? Tried openGameArt, but it’s mostly terrain and the search menu is not really helping.

Have tried searching OpenGameArt for 2D art tagged as characters? There seems to be many packs among the results. These results also have other tags that may be useful to further narrow down your search.

Also, welcome to the Tiled forums! :confetti_ball: :slightly_smiling_face:

Another useful resource is the itch.io store, for example looking for pixel art sprite assets:

Yea, I was browsing OGA, and found 2 promising packs, although browsing there is not the best experiance :slight_smile: Thank you though!

Much clearer than openGameArt, thanks!