Why did my animation only show up in Collision Editor

Title says it all, really… tried to put a simple flame animation on my simple map & used the animation editor. Nothing but the first (motionless) frame ever showed on my map. I spent hours re-reading about animation in the manual & watching tutorials etc. but could never get it to work.

Then I was going to edit a tilesheet so clicked on it and went to the screen with the animation editor, collision editor, etc. etc.

There, inside the Collision Editor was my flame animation floating in space & completely unconnected to my map.

Why does this happen? I never called on the Collision Editor for anything so far…

Have you enabled animations in the map viewer? View -> Show Tile Animations. The animations are disabled by default, presumably because they can be distracting and for better performance.

Yes, that box was checked under the View drop down menu

Huh, interesting. I have only one other idea, and it’s also dumb: are you 100% certain that this tileset has been saved, and that your map is using it? And that the tile that’s used in your map is actually the animated tile? I’ve made the mistake of attaching the animation to entirely the wrong tile before :'D