Why don't rotations save?

So I’ve been using Tiled for about 2 or 3 days and I’m trying to create a map and I noticed I could rotate tiles, but when I rotate them and save it doesn’t save it’s rotation. So what’s the point of rotations if they don’t save and why don’t they save? Is there a way to save the rotation?

I’ve tried to reproduce your issue on Windows using Tiled 1.2.3 64-bit, making a new map and placing a tile rotated in various orientations, saving and reloading the map, but it worked for me:


Please can you specify some more information about how you’re running into issues?

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I rotate the tile then save then go back into the edited map with tiled and the rotations aren’t saved or I can go into Stardew Valley since I’m making a map for it and when I go into the map area it won’t be rotated the right way it’ll just be the deafult rotation of the tile. I’m using Tiled version 1.2.3 64bit aswell. Idk why it’s doing this

Ah! While Tiled supports rotating tiles and will save that information in its TMX or JSON-based map formats, the tBIN format used by Stardew Valley does not support rotating or flipping of the tiles. As such Tiled cannot save this information. Unfortunately, currently this problem is silently ignored, while ideally there would be a warning when saving a map with rotated or flipped tiles in the tBIN format.

ok thank you for letting me know I’ll probably have to edit the tile set then

Yes, you’ll need to add these tiles to the tileset. In the meantime, I’ve added appropriate warnings when exporting/saving to tBIN format:

How do I add the rotated tiles to the tileset?

@Ren Welcome to the Tiled forum! Please do keep in mind, that it’s usually preferred to open a new topic instead of reviving an ancient one.

To add rotated tiles to the tileset you need to use an image editor. There is currently no way in Tiled to modify the tileset image.

Oh shoot, sorry! Do you have a image editor recommendation? I’m super new to all of this.

@Ren Personally I mostly use GIMP, but on Windows you could also try Paint.NET.

Thank you so much, I’m probably going to spend all day tomorrow fixing all the messed up tiles but it never would’ve gotten done if I hadn’t found this.

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