Why is "Edit Terrain Info" grayed out?

I started a map yesterday and entered some Terrain Info in the TileSets window.
Today I tried to go back in and edit it, and strangely the “Edit Terrain Info” button is now grayed out…?

I also entered some Custom Properties for the Terrains I had defined yesterday, and today when I go there, I can see the Properties, but the Edit button is also grayed out and inactive.

Yet… when I look at another TileSet in this map, everything is active and allows me to edit the terrain as expected:

And the Custom Properties for this Terrains defined from this TileSet are active and editable, as expected.

In total I have three TileSets in this map, and the last two work fine, but the first one (first pic above) appears to be locked out for some reason and won’t let me hit the “Edit Terrain Info” button or change any of the Custom Property values stored in it…
Any ideas why?

This is because the first one must be an external tileset. To make any edits to an external tileset, you currently have to temporary import it to some map and then export it again afterwards if you want to save the changes to the external tileset file. The import/exports buttons are available below the tileset view.

This is one of the last annoying problems I want to get rid of before releasing Tiled 1.0.

OK, thanks. Agree would be a helpful fix. But… (sorry if this is noobie…), now I can’t get the Import to do anything either.
The Export was active in the original map:

But I have yet to see the Import active at all in this map, and when I open a new one, I still see a “dead” Import button.

How do I bring it in…?

You can only import an external tileset. The button is disabled in your case because there is no external tileset selected to import.

If you want to add an external tileset to the map, then you need to use the Map -> Add External Tileset option.

I understand the terminology is a bit confusing, I’ll aim to improve that as well.

Ah, OK. The Map -> Add External option worked. Let me go play with that and see if I can get my changes made.
Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: