Importing tilesets - bug or not supported yet?

Edit: disregard this, I now understand how the feature works. So you press export, and the whole map is now linked to the tileset, and to edit it again, you import it back. Makes sense now, not intuitive but a good idea.

_I can’t seem to be able to import tilesets. _

-the button to import tilesets looks disabled

-exporting works, but when you drag/drop a tileset file onto the editor, it doesn’t load the tileset, it’s just the image importer

This said, I don’t quite understand why tilesets are embedded in maps. Isn’t a tileset supposed to be shared among maps, thus the last thing you’d want is tiles not sharing their properties?

Yes, I’m sorry the current workflow is not intuitive, but this part of Tiled is main thing I’m trying to improve for Tiled 1.0. It’s a hard problem to solve, but I think I’m getting somewhere. See the March development update for more information.

Well it’s not a bad idea, had it been in the documentation, I would have had no problem with it.

I’m reading you moved tileset editing to its own tab, that makes sense too.
You tell about not being able to see the changes in a tileset on the map. Not a problem for me at all, but maybe if tabs could be pulled out as floating windows, I don’t know?

Documentation is another thing on the list for Tiled 1.0. I know it could have been sooner, but working on new features or fixing issues always seems more important or useful…

Yeah, I already thought about that as well, but it will require even bigger changes to the code. Still, it’s something to consider for later.