Wrong tilemap objectlayer polygons position

Hi, Im trying to figure out why my exported tilemap json contains polygons at the wrong position when It’s displayed in game. Any ideas? v 1.8.4
I’ve tried at least two game engines to display objects but It seems to be the tiled’s Issue

Does the exported map look wrong when you open it in Tiled? If it looks correct when opened in Tiled, then the problem is probably not Tiled, but in the way those engines parse or render the objects. If it looks wrong in Tiled too, then it’s a problem with the export.

Can you post the exported map in question? Without seeing it, it’s impossible to tell where the problem lies. Since it’s just objects, just the JSON map should be fine, there shouldn’t be any required tilesets.

Edit: I tried testing this myself by making a map with a bunch of polygons in it and exporting it as JSON and reopening the map in Tiled. The positions are correct. This is more likely to be a parsing or rendering error, unless there’s something else you did in the original map that I missed. Did the two engines you tested both render in the same broken way?