.yy room exports

Was wondering when we’d be able to exports rooms from to game maker studio 2 in that file type… I kinda dug myself into a hole with 116 rooms I’d just love to have exported (⌒_⌒;)

Hey @D_Hibbert, welcome to the Tiled forum! Did you see the GitHub issue about this?

I think it should not take much longer than a full day to develop this export option (this does mean it could reasonably take 2 days, because I’m often too optimistic). So far a few people have requested it, but nobody stepped up to work on it or to support me financially for this feature.

Would GMTiled or GMTiled2 linked from that topic provide a solution for you?

Given the general popularity I could consider including this feature in the plan for Tiled 1.4.

when you say support you financially how much would that actually take to begin with, although being that im broke I’d still like to know

@D_Hibbert The financial support refers to the $200 tier on Patreon or Github Sponsors, which lets you decide what Bjorn does for a full day that month.

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@D_Hibbert For a long time I’ve only had the $200 tier mention directly that you could prioritize a Tiled feature (like @eishiya mentioned), but last week I silently extended the rewards on the $20 and $100 tiers to include 1 hour and 4 hours of work respectively.

That being said, I intentionally left out any specific amount, because support at any level is really appreciated and I try to take it into account when deciding on priorities.