Zelda-Like Pixelart

(Raihn) #1

Hello fellow Tilers!

I’ve been working on learning more pixel art style art, and decided to make some top down assets for fun. I thought it would be fun to share here, let me know your thoughts! Thanks! <3

(魔大农) #2

That looks really nice! :smiley:

(Raihn) #3

Thanks! :smiley:

(魔大农) #4

When seeing it again the floor tiles seemed to pop out a bit much, so I turned down the saturation and brightness a bit. The hue of the floor is also somewhat shifted towards that of the walls.

EDIT: Also increased the brightness and contrast of the walls (and may have overdone that).

(Raihn) #5

Cool! It’s hard for me to do those types of tweaks, I have a lot of issue with brightness and blue light for my eyes.