A few questions

I’ve been using Tiled for a few months now but am running into a few problems that I don’t see obvious answers to in the documentation.

  1. Collisions defined on tiles in a saved tileset on one map are not there when opening the same tileset in another map. I can see in the XML file that the colisions are defined but it is not clear how to get the same tileset to “update” in the other map.

  2. Automapping won’t allow to define a rule for when a given tile layer has no tiles on it. For instance if I have a layers: floor, floor dirt and wall and I want to create a rule to add tiles to floor dirt where there is a tile on floor but not on wall, nothing seems to happen. Based on what I have read, automapping only responds to the presence of tiles.

  3. I am on OSX and it seems like the sidebar resizes (somewhat) randomly to be much smaller when changing from one map window to another or when opening a new map. Very annoying when trying to create new tilemaps or develop automap rules. I can’t even reliably reproduce this one but it happens a lot. Also, the pointer will sometimes not change to resize arrows when hovering over sidebar borders.

Hey Mike, sorry that I never replied to this.

I think this issue was resolved when with the Tiled 1.0 release, using external tilesets became the default workflow (as opposed to embedding tileset metadata in each map). Defining the collisions in an external tileset makes sure that they are automatically shared between any maps using that tileset.

Yeah, I think matching on “no tile” was not possible until the StrictEmpty option was added. Using this custom layer property in your rule map, you can specify how empty tiles within the input region should be matched.

That is more likely to be an issue with Qt, which I hope has been resolved in more recent versions. Though current macOS releases are still using Qt 5.6. I’m considering to switch to Qt 5.9 for Tiled 1.2.