Workflows with multiple tilesets?

I’m absolutely loving the Automapping. Thank you so much for creating this feature!

My question is, now that there are several tilemaps I’m working with (AutoMap Rules, my prototype tiles, the terrain tiles, etc.), I have to frequently switch between them and don’t have smooth workflow (other than [, ], or clicking the small triangles to scroll the tabs in the TileSets tab). I’d like all (or some) the tilesets to be visible.

Some ideas of changes that could be helpful:

  • Have the multiple Tilesets tabs exposed in the UI at a single time
  • Be able to order the tileset’s tabs in the Tilesets tab (they have a fixed alphabetical ordering and I’m often moving between the first in the list and click click click click to the last in the list)
  • Combine “AutoMap Rules” tiles within another tileset

Or… any other brilliant idea or workaround, or workflow, or even an extension I could write?

So my question is how do you typically work between multiple tilesets and do you have any secrets that you could share?

Would it possible to somehow write in the “AutoMap rules” tiles into another tileset that I can extend?


There are plans to implement a scratch pad panel where you could pin a map with your frequently used tiles (or all your tiles, if you want) and pick from it as if it were a tileset. Once implemented, I think it’ll solve your problem. Here’s the relevant issue on GitHub: Scratch pad map panel · Issue #3288 · mapeditor/tiled · GitHub

Combine “AutoMap Rules” tiles within another tileset

You can already do this one. The special tiles are just tiles with specific MatchType properties set, as stated in the Automapping docs. You can add “MatchType” properties with the relevant values to tiles in your own tileset to use them as Automapping special tiles.

You can also move more quickly between tilesets without going through all the intermediate ones by clicking the down arrow in the Tilesets tab bar, which shows a list of the tilesets.

Fantastic! I think the immediate real winner for me is the “MatchType” property on the tile. I created a cute little 16x16 tileset I could use along with my tileset that would match the provided 32x32 tiles.


The scratch pad would be a good feature. I particularly like the idea that you could include the same tile multiple times in the scratchpad, potentially showcasing the tile in different arrangements. This also harkens to a need to have multiple tile maps displaying simultaneously (having automapping rules in one pane and the result map in another). I managed to get the arrangement to work with multiple running instances of Tiled (launched through the terminal), but the static shared state between the instances would change active layers/ui, and made that solution tricky.

Thank you, this solves the problem!

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