Automapping not working anymore

I don’t really think this is a bug; I’m sure I’m doing something wrong here. Automapping used to work. I noticed recently that it stopped working. Nothing has changed except I’ve updated Tiled recently.

I have automapping turned on for my maps. My “rules.txt” sits in the same directory as the map I’m editing. It looks like this:


In the ../tiledrules directory I have a file called stone.tmx. It has three layers: regions, input_stone, output_collision. regions has a bunch of tiles all separated by spaces, as in each placed tile is separated on all sides by spaces. In input_stone I have a series of tiles from a particular tileset. In output_collision I have the corresponding collision tiles for each one.

In the map I’m editing, I have a tile layer called “stone” and a tile layer called “collision”. Placing a tile from the corresponding tileset in “stone” does not create the corresponding collision tile in “collision”. I’m not sure how to tell if Tiled is doing anything or if there are any errors in the process.

Can I look somewhere for debug information, or to see if the rules are being applied but incorrectly somehow? Is there a way for me to attach the files so you can reproduce it, maybe?

Do you know from which version to which other version you have updated? Yesterday I’ve pushed a new developer snapshot and the Automapping has been fixed to work for infinite maps. Maybe this affected your rules.

You can’t attach files here, but please open an issue about this on GitHub at, where you can attach a zip file with your rules so we can test it.

Unfortunately there is no way to “debug” the Automapping rules.

Thanks for responding so quickly. I’m using 1.0.2, updated from 1.0.1.

Here’s a link to the bug: