About the Showcase category

Show us what you’re doing with Tiled!

Use this category if you want to show the game or map you’re making with Tiled, or when you want to bring your Tiled-related project (like an extension, loader, converter, etc.) to people’s attention.

You can also use this category to demonstrate how you’re using particular features. Since Tiled can be used in many different ways, it’s always interesting to see how others are doing it!

I think you accidentally left in some placeholder text in this post xP

That said, I do have a question about the purpose of this category (and its Discord friend, #made-with-tiled): is this for maps/games/art made with Tiled, or anything involving Tiled, including scripts and forks?

Whoops, I had not realized this post would be visible anywhere, I just clicked the “Edit Description” button… Anyway, updated the full contents of the post now, thanks! :slight_smile: