Welcome to the Tiled forum

This is the place for general discussion of anything related to the Tiled map editor. Here the Tiled community can discuss Tiled usage as well as further Tiled development. Users of any language, library or framework are welcome here.

Examples of what you could do here

  • Ask for help regarding Tiled usage or how to use Tiled maps in your game
  • Share your ideas about further Tiled development
  • Showcase your project and tell us how Tiled made your life easier, and what could have been better!
  • Write short articles about Tiled-related topics that could be interesting for others

Other places

This forum exists in addition to the following resources:

  • Blog, where I announce new releases and sometimes write other interesting things
  • The Manual, for documentation and references
  • Issue Tracker, for reporting bugs or requesting features
  • Discord, for chatting with other Tiled users directly

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Yay, don’t have to make a password because can log in through github!

Yeah, I’ve enabled github, Google+ and Twitter logins. But it is of course also possible to just sign of for an account here (as long as that doesn’t turn out to be a spam invite).

I can’t enable Facebook login because I don’t have a Facebook account. :stuck_out_tongue:


You could make a facebook page, so that people could say they like Tiled :wink:

That’s a good idea. Tiled on Facebook would probably get a lot more attention too!

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Congrats on the forum :smile:

Though I would not disable the mailing list. I’d keep both up.

Well once @bjorn has set up reply by mail i think the maillinglist does not need to exist anymore, right? Otherwise the information is cluttered between both i think…


Thanks for the invite. Great new forum.

Is it no longer possible to sign in with a service? I’d rather use Google but I can’t find the option - or is this because I was invited and the account is already a “forum account”?

Okay - I logged out without setting a password and then “signed up” with my Google account. Things seemed to have linked now since it’s the same email address, my profile no longer has a “set password” option. Hopefully everything is okay in the database!

Hey Micheal, thanks for signing up! As you noticed, setting a password is optional and I think you can log in with any of the services and as long as the email address matches it will bind them to the same forum account.

I think they could improve this process a little since indeed when using an invite URL you are already logged in and at that point there is no option to use another service instead of setting a password.

Welcome eka, glad to hear you like the new forum!

I am of course a little afraid to annoy some people with invites, but on the other hand it seemed like the best way to make people aware of this new place and try it out a bit.

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