About Tiled Java vs Qt framework

(Von) #1

This is mostly addressed to @bjorn as I’m curious about Tiled’s transition from Java to Qt.

I’d like to know on what ways and by how much did that decision pay off in the long run:

  1. How dramatic was the performance improvement?
  2. What features, if any, did Qt provide Tiled that Java couldn’t (or made it hard to) provide?
  3. With all the Java developments since 2008, do you think staying with Java may have been feasible?
  4. Do you reckon that Java is not good enough to achieve what Tiled is aiming to be, or are Java and Qt fairly close?
  5. What were the main issues you had with Java, and the main ones you currently have with Qt?
  6. I imagine Tiled wasn’t made with JavaFX back in the day. What do you think of JavaFX in regards to using it to create Tiled instead?
  7. Ultimately, how do you feel about this decision after this many years? Was it necessary? Would you ever consider going back?