Add a character with a random move // documentation // tutorials

Hi everyone,

I am very new on tiled, and I have a existing project i need to update.

The map is orthogonal, you see from above, so every case is a position( like in chess ).

I have to add a NPC which would have a random move, to block my character.

I don’t know where to start, i can’t find any doc, so here I am.
The code is exported in json / js because the rest of the project is in javascript



Did you miss the Tiled Manual? It’s still a work in progress, but since last week it at least covers some basics. That said, it’s a manual about Tiled and it may not contain much useful information about how to change something in an existing project. Couldn’t you get in contact with whoever made the map you need to update?


Nope, i’ve read it, but i can’t find anything related to how to display an object and handle a cycling move.
The fact is, this project is the last of the path that i am currently passing, but the creator now works on the platform which deliver the degree… I sent him a mail, but i am not sure that he will be authorized to help me … and since I am the very first to reach that last project, there is no one to contact …
But thanks anyaway.