It is possible to make tiles moving?

Hello, I’m making a map with the tiled, and here in this topic I would like to know if the motion system of scenario such as a cloud tile that moves randomly in the scenario are made in an editor such as tiled, or are made with game programming language, if it is done with the editors how I do it on the tiled?

You can place the cloud as a tile object in the editor (using an object layer), but any random movement would be implemented in your game. Of course, maybe you want to store some parameters that control this random movement, for which you can use custom properties on the cloud tile object.

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And these custom properties are made in tiled?

Yes, there is a “+” button for adding custom properties at the bottom of the Properties view.

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plus it simply adds a new item in the properties list with the name I want, but there anything I should do to configure these settings?

No. These are custom properties. You decide what to do with them in your game. Tiled does not care and needs no further configuration.

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But you know a tutorial on the internet that talks about these settings?

No, I don’t know of any. You can use these custom properties for whatever you want, so I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for.

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Thank you for everything, but just one more question, if the movement is not random changes anything?

No, that doesn’t change anything. Maybe you’ll choose different names for your properties then, that’s all.

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OK, thank you for everything :smile:

Hey, i was thinging amou, why you don’t create more slayer to simulate a image moving, the cloud in each slayer will be in a differently position. I love create slayer either objects.

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But as I create a slayer ?

This is done in tiled?