Add an image to a rectangle-object? Or use a tile that does not stretch the image?

I’m making a 2D side scrolling game. I’m currently using tile-objects for objects where the size ingame is the same as the size of the occupied area in the editor (like a simple 16x16 pixel crate). For enemies/sprites, I use a rectangle for their “roaming rect” (movement boundary). I have many different enemies in a level, and with just a blue rect Tiled is not easily telling me which enemy is at which location. Is there a way to combine a tile-object and a rectangle? Or make a tile-object have its image anchored to a location in the object and NOT stretch when making it bigger than the image? I visual indication of the exact enemy somwhoe attached the boundary-rect would help me greatly.

I’m new to the forums, so I’m sorry if this exact question has been asked before.

You cannot do either of those things, sorry. You could lower the opacity on the layer with the roaming rects if the big sprites are getting in the way, but Tile Objects are the only way to attach a visual to an Object. The only alternative is to have a separate Tile Layer that has tiles filling the roaming shape for each enemy, but then you’d have to update both the shape and the layer any time you need to change the roaming area.

Thanks! Well, as I feared then :cry: I think I saw a post about grouping objects (or at least the conversation ended up talking about grouping), this can likely by used for my purpose. I’ll vote for that then. It will have many other uses as well.