How to add visualized image reference to an object?

I want to fine tune the X/Y coordinate of object, to get a better visual result.

I think the most handy way to complete it is adding the image reference to an object. If there was a image property owned by object, and if the image could be rendered base on the anchor point, It would be easier for me to complete the job.

But the custom properties of object has no images. TAT…

Is there some way else to complete it?
Thanks for help.

Tile Objects exist for this purpose.

If you make a tileset (e.g. an Image Collection) with the images you want to use, you can place them as Objects, they act much like Rectangle Objects. The chief difference is that by default, they have their origin in the same place as regular tiles, so if you want them to behave more like Rectangle Objects, you’ll need to set the Object Alignment property in the tileset to “Top Left”.

You can use the Drawing Offset property of the tileset to set a pivot point of sorts for the tiles. Unfortunately, this is currently done on a per-tileset basis, so you can’t set it individually for each tile. Hopefully that’s a feature we’ll get in the future. For now, if you have tiles with different offsets, you’ll have to pad them so that they can all work with the same offset ):

thanks anyway