Adding property in main image collection tileset vs only on image issue

let’s see if I can explain my issue clearly. If see the images bellow, they seem similar

the difference as I point out in the little note is that in one the path text is black, and the other is grey. The text is black if I add the “imagePath” property on an image after dropping it. Meaning that the collection of images tile set doesn’t have the property added. I do that after dropping the image.
If I add the the property in the tileset, to avoid having to manually add it each time on each image, the path appears in grey.
The problem is that when the game engine (Axmol, a coco2dx fork) parses the tilemap, it ready the property perfectly if I did it manually (text in black). But it fails if the property is added in the tileset.
Is this normal or is it a game engine bug?


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This is normal. Tiled only writes out properties that are set on the object and not those inherited from the tile, to avoid duplicating data, and to allow a distinction between “not set - should inherit” and “set to a value that happens to match the inherited value”.

You can use the “resolve object types and properties” export option to explicitly set inherited values. This is an export option and only affects exported files, and you should not overwrite your working files with these exports.

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