Addtional information on each tile - advice

Hi, I’m new here.

I have started to use Tiled for Sega Master System (SMS) development. It works great! At the moment I only need Tiled to export the id’s of the tiles in the map, and I can handle that. The SMS can set a priority bit for each tile on the screen: Are sprites in front of- or covered by the tile. How do I go about this in Tiled? Should I create a new layer, and add custom properties? Documentation mentions tile types - maybe that is the way?

I foresee I might need a grass tile (multiple places on the map) and a fence tile (also multiple places on the map) to always be in front of the player sprite. Every time I place a fence or a grass tile on the map, I want to store information that this tile must go in front of sprites.

Tile types and custom tile properties are set for all instances of that tile, so if you use them, you won’t be able to have different instances of the same tile exist with both background and foreground priority.

The easier way to do this is with layers. Have two layers - one for behind the sprites, another for in front of the sprites. This way you can preview which is which easily in Tiled. If you need to have multiple layers of tiles rather than just high-priority and low-priority (does SMS support that?), you could use two sets of layers - one for background, one for foreground. You can set the priority as a custom layer property, and when parsing the data, you’d assign that priority to the tiles in the layer.

Thanks for the help, eishiya! The two layers will do - the SMS does not support multiple layers. I think I have what I need now. Have a good day!