Animated tile objects

Referring specifically to object images, I would like the ability to split it into frames, and define animations from subsets of frames

I highly recommend you (Bjorn and any other contributor) check out the DAME Editor, honestly I feel like there are so many features that it has that tiled could benefit from. Unfortunately it is entirely abandoned by the creator or any dev team whatsoever, and the project uses some incredibly old air version based on an even older flixel version.

I’m here because I’m looking for a level editing tool to replace Dame, unfortunately I’ve found nothing with all of it’s features, Tiled has great potential, but it still seems like a tilemap editor, instead of a level editor.

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Tiled has great potential, but it still seems like a tilemap editor, instead of a level editor.

To be fair, a tilemap editor is exactly what Tiled bills itself as. From the main page: “Your free, easy to use and flexible tile map editor.”

Your completely right, and it’s the best tile editor I’ve seen, but I can’t just use a tile editor for game development. I would have to make some supplemental program to do the other 65%.

I’m just here, suggesting what tiled can become. The one stop shop for level editing

I’ve already seen DAME once, and I’ve just played with it again. I realize it’s packed with features, including some that Tiled doesn’t have at the moment. However, it’s not easy to add all those features without compromising the usability and intuitiveness of the interface. I want to extend Tiled’s features, but at the same time I want to make it more intuitive, not less.

I can probably help to make Tiled suitable for you as well. However, I’ll need a more detailed description of the features you’re missing.

What does it mean to split object images into frames? Normally, in Tiled the images are split into “frames” at the tileset level (tiles). And animations are also defined on the tileset (currently, you can define a single looping animation per tile, but I’d like to extend this to support multiple named animations). If you place an object using an animated tile, Tiled can show a preview of this animation running in the map. I understand this functionality may not work for you in its current form, if so please tell me what you’re missing.

I would point to the documentation if it was available, but I still need to write most of it.

Btw, thanks a lot for supporting me on Patreon! I totally want to make Tiled the one stop shop for level editing, and for many games it already can be, but I fully understand it’s lacking in both features and flexibility for many projects as well. But I’m here to work on that. :slight_smile:

I just tried this out, I imported my animated sprite sheet as a tilesheet, created an object layer and I was able to place the tile animation as an animated looping image, this works for what I’m currently doing, so thanks! in the future, multiple named animations would be insanely helpful. This way I could data drive my character animations via Tiled, whenever the art changes.

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Small update: in my game a have about a dozen different animated objects that each have 1 loop that’s about 3 to 4 frames long. Each object has different dimensions, meaning they can’t all be on one image. This means I have 12 tabs each with 1 small animation that’s used per tab. this is pretty cumbersome, especially since it can only display a handful of tabs when it’s docked on the right. Now I have to I need to eep scrolling the tabs to select the right animation.

It would be nice if I could have all of these animations on one tab, alongside my other single frame collection of images.