Set opacity for each object

I would like to be able to set opacity for each object in the object layer.
Is it possible ?

Welcome to the Tiled forum, @mizuma!

Unfortunately it’s currently not possible to set opacity on individual objects, just on layers. But it could be added of course. Is it something you’d be interested to work on?

I create an object layer called a “Shadow layer”, place black tiles of various shapes in combination, and place them with adjusting opacity.
Similarly, I create an object layer named “Light layer” and do the same with white tiles of various shapes.
For example, when creating an indoor map, the area near the entrance and the area near windows is brightened using a “Light layer”, and the shadowed area is darkened using a “Shadow layer”.
I can create a more ideal map if I can fine-tune the opacity for each area.

Right, I can totally understand your situation and it would for sure be more convenient to control opacity per object rather than to create even more layers with various levels of opacity.

Is it something you’d like to try adding to Tiled? I can help you get started with such a change if needed.