Auto mapping not updating

brand new to tiled and have been reading forms and looking at tutorials on how to get the automapping to work. I’ve created an input and output layer and have a .txt file correctly referencing the rule map. I get no errors when pressing ctrl+m to have it updated. I’ve also taken it down to only 4 rules for it to follow so I can negate any errors on my end. how can I go about fixing this and am I missing anything?

Your rules are looking for an input layer called “prototype”, however your map only contains a layer called “Tile Layer 1”. For these rules to match, you’ll want to rename the “Tile Layer 1” layer to “prototype”.

that worked thanks a bunch

By the way, the tutorial you’re following is out of date/misleading. You do not need to use a tile to represent empty space. Automapping lets you just specify “an empty tile” in any location, so you don’t have to waste time painting those extra tiles and can leave them empty. Even before Tiled 1.9, you could refer to empty tiles in a map, it was just less intuitive before.

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thanks i really appreciate that