Cannot get automapping to work

I hit ctrl+m and no layers get added…

From your screenshots, I don’t see any problems, but some problems are “invisible”.

Make sure that the input tiles in your working map exactly match the input tiles in your rules and aren’t lookalikes or flipped/rotated differently. You can check the tile IDs and flip flags by hovering over the tiles and checking the status bar.
Make sure your shapes don’t have any extra tiles around them, both in the rules and in your working map, i.e. that the empty tiles are actually empty and not transparent non-empty tiles.

hovering around each shape, the empty tiles are indeed empty

for the input_prototype and prototype layers the same tile was used

i have deleted and remade this many times using different tiles and get the same result

Try closing and reopening your working map or restarting Tiled. For some users, Tiled sometimes has a bug where it doesn’t apply all the relevant rules, and reloading the map helps.

If that doesn’t help, then there must be some issue with your rules, but you’ll have to share your rules if you want further help, as I think I’ve exhausted the guesses I can make from screenshots. (That is, assuming the rules are actually running - you haven’t mentioned the results of that check.)

Edit: Restarting the program fixed it. Thank you for your help!

Oh whoops, I thought I posted the instructions to check whether the rules are running, but it looks like I removed that before posting. You can check whether the rules are actually running by saving your working map, which will clear the * modified marker, and then Automapping. If Automapping runs, even if no rules apply, the map will get marked as * modified again. If it doesn’t get marked as modified, that means Tiled doesn’t think there’s any Automapping to do (i.e. an issue with the rules.txt).

Glad to hear the restart helped! No need to do the above check, then xP
Reopening the working map should usually be enough I think, or reloading the project, restarting all of Tiled is probably overkill. It’s something you may need to do multiple times as you work on your rules if this bug affects you, so it’s good to find the quickest way to go it.

For reference, would you mind posting your Tiled version and OS info? A few other people have had this issue, it would be nice to have as much info as possible to help fix it.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home 10.0.19045 Build 19045
Tiled 1.10.2

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