Automapping Blank Input tile?

Hey there, thanks for Tiled, it’s been great for making life a lot easier!

I’ve been trying to understand the following quote for what tiles are ‘allowed’ when there aren’t any given.

And whenever there is no tile in a place within the rule regions in an input layer, what kind of tiles will be allowed there? There will be allowed any tiles except all used tiles within all input layer with the same index and name.

Does this mean “Any tiles not present in all input layers with the same same index and name will match blank tiles”?

The phrasing is throwing me for a loop!

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It’s weird phrasing describing a weird behaviour. Fortunately, this behaviour no longer exists as of Tiled 1.9, so you should disregard this. The documentation above the examples is up to date, but the examples are out of date. I’m working on a new documentation draft with new examples, which should solve this confusion in the future.

What it’s describing is that if all your input layers for a given index and name have an empty tile at some location within the input region, by default, Tiled 1.8 would look for Other tiles in that location - any non-empty tile that is different from the tiles within the input layers.
In 1.9+, this no longer happens - there are no more regions layers, and empty tiles in input layers always behave the same: they are ignored, and contribute nothing. And if you do want “any other tile” behaviour, the special MatchType “Other” tile exists for that, you can read more about it in the docs as well: Automapping — Tiled 1.9.2 documentation

Thank you for the clarification! I’m still on 1.8 so I appreciate the contrast between the two versions!