Automapping does not do corners

This thread was already about a different problem originally, but I was able to solve it quickly after, detailed below. I still have an issue where corners do not seem to tile correctly or at all, and all I get are straight lined transitions.

I have three different rule maps and the rules.txt
I don’t get any errors, instead nothing at all is happening.

Im attempting to create transitions to multiple terrain types.

Heres an image that can show the issue I’m having.
The region tiles is what I am using the same way the red tile is used in the auto-mapping tutorial.

These are my files if needed

@stefanbeller can probably help you with defining the correct rules for this case.

Alternatively you can try the Terrain tool, though it will have a bit of trouble with your tileset due to missing the transition tiles that require 3 or even 4 different terrain combinations. The tool could be improved to handle that case (and missing tiles in general) better.

A question for @bjorn: Does the automapping feature replace every tile in the map with a single parallel pass? Or does it do tile by tile in a sequential manner, and for example, when the second tile is processed it already takes the changes made to the first tile into account? That makes quite a difference for how to define the automapping rules.

Also vermadead have you found any solution to this? I would like to use automapping for border generation as well, because our tilesets don’t have transitions between every possible floor type and whatever tile type requires borders (to define those seems very wasteful when we dont need them really).

Changes applied by previous rules do affect the matching of future rules.

The automapping documentation has a paragraph about the order in which the rules are applied. Basically, if you rely on a certain order, you should use multiple rule files, but currently the order within a rule file is well defined because there is no parallel applying of rules.