Question about automapping

I recently worked on a tile-based map design. I draw an abstract map first and then process the detail by automapping system. Every thing worked well except the tile at edge.(look at the red arrow).How do I define the rule for that?Is there any method to detect the edge?
I am sorry I am new in english,I dont know if I missing something from the document…

I think one way to solve your problem is by defining smaller rules that are applied before your more specific rules. That way, you could do a replacement there that works for your edges, but it will also be applied wrongly to some non-edge cases, but that isn’t a problem because later rules can correct those cases. You can enforce rule order by listing multiple rule files in your rules.txt.

Btw, your transition tiles look very suitable for use with the terrain tool. So you could consider using that instead of automapping.

When using automapping, I always make the map 1 tile larger than needed, then either shrink it before exporting, or pad the borders with impassable hexes. Having “tiles” for edges would be nice, though.