Avast/Antivirustotal.com finds virus in windows installer

I tried to install tiled for windows but AVAST! blocks the download. So I uploaded the current version downloaded from http://thorbjorn.itch.io/tiled/
to antivirustotal.com, this is the result: http://virustotal.com/de/file/a4812b00c46316cd38056b3102761801981565ee72abafb56008d0832ba0faa6/analysis/1454502366/

I then downloaded the most current .msi file from files.mapeditor.org/daily/?C=N;O=D and this is the result on antivirustotal: http://virustotal.com/de/file/b674c0a2686aeb0b5394bcc2756c6fec2b574465220a9d87ec271de11e163023/analysis/

Do you have an idea what’s happening here?

P.S. I had to put the urls in a form that they don’t appear as links, because as a new user I can’t post links…

You’re probably running into false positives. Please report these at the appropriate place for your virus scanner. The Tiled installers are built in a controlled environment at AppVeyor, so it is very unlikely that they would actually be infected by a virus.

And until they have removed the false positive, I guess you have to tell your virus scanner to not block Tiled somehow.

Yeah, sorry about that, but it’s against spammers. I think new users are limited to one hyperlink and you were trying to do a post with three links.

AVAST stopped to block the download, so it appears that it was a false positive :slight_smile: