Tiled Setup Error

Hi, just discovered Tiled last night while looking for a Map Editor to use. However I am having difficulties installing the program. I hit the Windows 0.10.2 Download link and save, upon completion of the download I click the setup.exe and get this error message (pictured below). Also the first attempt at clicking the setup triggered my antivirus to supposedly intercept the program. I am using a Windows Vista 32-bit system. Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: I’ve tried disabling my firewall, but I still get the same message.

Since I haven’t heard of any other users with this problem and the .exe is made by NSIS and not dependent on any compiler settings on my side, I have no idea what the issue may be here short of the file getting corrupted somehow. Maybe something went wrong while downloading or the virus scanner damaged the executable.

Did you try whether any of the older releases do work on your system? You can find them at https://github.com/bjorn/tiled/releases

Hello and thank you for the informative response. After another go around I confirmed that Norton Antivirus was to blame. Norton falsely believed it to be a threat and sent it to quarantine so I grabbed it from there, I just started the Tiled program and all is working perfectly. Here are a couple of related links just in case they might prove useful. Thanks, and I am eager to dig into Tiled!

Alright, I’ve already reported this false positive to Norton a few days ago so hopefully a future update to their reputation system will address this issue. This was in response to the following issue on github: