Beginner in Tiled! Please help with tilesets!

I have been recently using Tiled, as I have experienced a lot of issues working with GIMP, and it doesn’t seem to cooperate with me. Hence I have started using Tiled for choosing tiles and making a whole new tileset. But I have encountered a problem innumerable times.

A) When I make a complete tileset of my required image, and export it, Tiled cuts the image and some parts at the end are missing. My image is not very long and follows the proper dimensional guidelines.

B) the tiles are in 16X16 tiles, how do I make them to 32X32(without using GIMP, of course)

C) The tileset has yellow and pink color in the background, how may I remove it and make it transparent? (without GIMP)
I fear GIMP, that’s why never use it. By, the way I am a beginner.
Please help!!!

A) Do you perhaps have spacing and margin settings that don’t match your tileset? Or have you perhaps set an incorrect tile size? If it’s not either of these, please share a screenshot so that I and others can better understand the problem.

B) Do you mean you want to enlarge the size, so that every pixel becomes 2x2 pixels? You’ll have to use an image editor and scale the image 2x. If it’s pixel art, make sure the interpolation is set to Nearest Neighbor, so that the art doesn’t become blurry.

C) Tiled has a “transparent color” option in the Tileset’s image property. Whatever color you select there will be transparent. However, only one colour can be the transparent colour, so you’ll need to change your image in an image editor to make it be just one. And some engines don’t support setting a transparent colour like this, so it may be best to just replace both colours with real transparency.

Image editors are very useful and can do things Tiled can’t (and shouldn’t be able to) do. It’s only by trying things despite your fear that you’ll get better.