I don't understand how to separate images that overlap in a single tile in a tileset

Before I say this, let me make it clear that I’m incredible new to Tiled, and I don’t understand much of anything yet.

However, before posting this question, I did do my best to look around and try to figure it out myself. I don’t get this.

This may not 100% be related to Tiled as a program, but I’m having a big issue with this.

This screenshot sort of explains it right here:


An example of how it doesn’t even paste properly, with everything selected (something else I don’t get):


Sometimes, this doesn’t really matter, as I’ll take a tile from a tileset and sort of just paste it around, like with grass, dirt, or road.

Basically, I don’t understand how to separate things that are overlapping like that. Obviously if you
don’t do whatever the procedure is to properly apply it to the map, you just have parts and bits of other
things sticking out. I’ve been looking at Tiled tutorials and I tried making new tilesets out of the images,
using different spacing/margin values, but it didn’t seem to fix the problem.

Is it possible to fix this? Is this problem just with the image, or am I not saving it as a tileset right?

Or is there another way to fix this issue that I’m not getting? I’m pretty certain I’m doing something wrong here.

Thank you ahead of time to anyone who answers my question. I was enjoying using Tiled and if I can get this answered, I’m sure I can make the maps I want to easily. It’s a really cool program.

In most cases, the tile size of the map should match the tile size of your tileset. It appears from your screenshots that you chose a larger tile size for your tileset (32x32) than you did when creating the map (maybe you picked 16x16 there?). Try to match them up and it should work better.

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Ah, that makes way more sense, thank you. Let me see if I can go look at the tilesets I’m using and figure that out.

Yup, that fixed it. Thanks so much! Now I can make my maps. Thank you.

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