Big tile image but need maxsize only 2048

My tile image size is 1796 x 4032
but my unity project need a limit that max size set to 2048
so the result texture is scale to 912 x 2048 and looks blur in Game.
So how can I make the display not blur?
I try split the tile image to 3 Images using texture packer, but I found the terrain can’t edit between 3 tileset

ps:I use tiled2untiy to import tmx to my unity project

I’m not really sure what the problem is. Are you making a mobile game? if not, AFAIK Unity should be able to handle images of any size (heck, I’ve once tried to use 10k textures when I was still stupid and it worked).

Also doesn’t 2017 have tile building on its own, i.e. without having to use Tiled or similar tools?

It does, but maybe Tiled and/or Tiled2Unity are preferred in some cases? :slight_smile:

There’s also this extension which loads Tiled maps into the native Unity tile system. It could be useful either to integrate better or if you want to switch existing maps over to their built-in editor.

Maybe, though these cases would probably be limited to modding support via Tiled if you don’t want the user to install Unity since it’s pretty big and complicated for a new modder (even then, a custom level editor would be preferred as the tile system seems to have full runtime API and making a level editor isn’t that hard either, hell I’ve made one for a 3D game I was developing but cannot anymore since my machine broke and I can’t afford a new one of good specs or even comparable to the broken one).

yes I’m making a mobile game

Hi there. You’ll need to have those textures split up in your tilesets (in Tiled) and then export out to Unity instead of trying to split them up as a post-process step from within Unity.

thanks for replay.
yes I’m doing so.
but terrain can’t edit between different tileset.
what I know is one tileset has one terrain

Right, that’s a limitation of how terrains are implemented currently. There is no quick fix for this and it’s not on my priority list, so you’d either need to be creative or you could sponsor this feature.