Large Tiled maps look unfocused when imported to Unity

When I save my tiled map and import it into Unity, the image looks very fuzzy. This is not an issue with my 10x1 platform upload, but when I upload my map that is about 400x50, it just looks very fuzzy and unfocused. Should I make smaller chunks or is there something I am missing?

How did you import your map into Unity?

Can you show a screenshot of this fuzziness?

I save it as a png and drag it into my scene like I always do. I have even messed around with “current zoom” settings.

I attached a picture of my scene. The platform above me is my 10x1 tiled map and the one below is about 400x100 and all the dirt/grass is from the same 32x32 tileset.

I figure it is due to the size of the map, so how do I make the image look as crisp as the smaller one does?

Right, I think most likely your texture is too big and quite possibly Unity is automatically scaling it down in order to be able to put it into a single texture, and then scaling it up again to the desired size while rendering. This would lead to the blurry result.

Basically, saving the map as an image is only recommended when the maps are really small (for example, only about one screen large) and you have no need for any meta-information about the map. For larger maps, it is much better for performance and memory usage to render it as an actual tile map. There are several tools and add-ons available for using Tiled maps with Unity. These are listed here:

Thanks! Tiled2Unity worked out great!