Boundries between hexagonal tiles

Hello, I have been working on an isometric hexagonal tileset for personal use, and I’m trying to figure out the proper way to handle elements that exist as the boundary between two tiles. Some hexagonal maps put rivers and roads on the tile boundaries, and I was hoping to make a separate layer with another offset for that purpose, but it turns out that to do that properly, the border layer would have to be oriented the other direction.

Is there any way to have different layers of the same map use different orientations, or am I looking at this the wrong way? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: For reffrence, here’s my current solution (WIP) the lines exist on a separate layer aligned to -5 -5 pixels. The red dithering and green lines are Construction markings showing the relationship to the actual tiles. As you can see, with this method I need more individual sprites to cover edge cases.

If the lines layer was oriented the other way, I’d only need left. right, and cover all possible intersections.

Similarly, doing this the conventional way, with the border elements drawn as part of their underlying tile, I would need even more redundant sprites.