Hexagonal Map Style / Trimming square tiles

I have typical square png image. I chose hexagonal style map. I thought it would make trim the edges and corners to make it fit but it doesn’t. I guess one option I have is to make custom hexagon shaped sprites but that will be tough to line it up perfeclty. I don’t know any other option at least inside of tiled editor to make it fit so the edges of the sprite don’t overflow.

Tiles in the vast majority of level editors and engines out there are just rectangles, and map orientation only determines where these tiles are drawn relative to each other, not what they look like. Hexagonal tiles are simple ones that are drawn to look hexagonal.
Trimming tiles to fit the hex like this doesn’t make sense in many cases, as it’s common for hex tiles to have protruding elements, depth, etc.

So, you will need to find or make tiles that are actually hexagonal, Tiled will not crop them for you.
Getting them to line up nicely can take a little trial and error, but if you know your desired tile size, it shouldn’t take long to arrive at a working template which you can then use for all of your other tiles. That sort of challenge would still be there even if Tiled cropped them for you xP

Thank you.