Can automapping add Tile Objects to an Object Layer?

I think auto-mapping is powerful (and perhaps underused) feature of Tiled. One thing I would like it to do though is to place a Tile Object in an Object Layer. Is this possible at all?


Automapping is limited to tiles only so far. So placing objects is unfortunatly not possible.


@Ablu As far as I know that is not true, but only @stefanbeller would know the details about the support for object groups, I’m afraid.

I was not 100% sure and checked

That does not contain the word “object” once :smile:. But right… the code seems to have references to objects. However those are not documented anywhere.


It has been a while I worked on Automapping to be honest, but I remember vaguely objects are supported.

Instead of searching the documentation I searched the web and found as well as

I assume tile-objects are broken using Automapping. If you’re in need of a workaround fast, this would be using rectangle objects instead of tile objects.

FYI: I put in a pull request that from my testing adds support for automapping Tile Objects into an Object Layer.

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