Is there something wrong with AutoMapping? Is the feature deprecated?

In the short time I’ve been using this feature I’ve always had weird issues with it. Sometimes it just flat out decides not to work at all - my rule to create an object simply doesn’t do anything. Recently I tried to use it again to redo one of my maps and it’s just not working at all. I kept trying different tweaks to no avail until once I ran it and the objects appeared as expected! Then, without changing anything, I deleted all the generated stuff again and hit AutoMap to confirm it’s working but it failed to do anything and I can’t get it to work anymore. I only have one rule at this point because I’ve never been able to get multiple regions with rules to work. I’m at a loss for what’s going on here. I tried deleting my tilesets and making sure the rules and the game maps are using the exact same tileset but it didn’t fix anything. Should I just abandon the automapping use completely? It seems like there hasn’t been any new talk about this feature for years?

The feature isn’t deprecated, but it is also a feature that I personally do not use.

@Galdred is using the feature extensively, maybe he can help you figure out what is wrong if you share some more details or at best the files you’re working with.

He also has submitted a change that I will finally review now.

Thanks. I was able to get it working last night. My rule was simple - if a certain tile is detected, create an object over that tile. When I changed from a tileset of individual images to a single-image tileset things seemed to work.