Can no longer export my tilemap to .png File too large. Why? Any workarounds?

I just upgraded from 0.16.2 to 1.2.2 and now I get an error when trying to export my images at full resolution. I need my map pixel perfect, which I was able to do with the old version, but now I can’t just export large maps to image .pngs. Is this a bug? Was there a reason for this limitation? Any way I can get around it? I don’t care if the output PNG will be 0.5GB, I need it output at full pixel resolution as an image. I also uninstalled the older version of Tiled. Are older versions available that don’t yet have this “feature?”

Could it be that your 0.16.2 version of Tiled was 64-bit, but your 1.2.2 version is 32-bit?

It’s unlikely the Tiled version affected these limits, though just in case it did, you can get old versions from the Releases page at GitHub.

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Could you explain why you want to use your map as a single image?

I do not know. I will investigate this. I was able to load a .TMX from 1.2.2 in 0.6.2 and export it that way, so I have a workaround for now. I’ll be sure to reinstall 1.2.2 using a 64bit version and see if I am able to export from that.

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Performance. Unreal’s Tilemap Actor is pretty poorly optimized, so generated the map as BG images seems the best bet for our purposes, as we have a fairly large 2D map. Using UE4’s Tilemap actors is giving us huge drops in performance.

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I checked into it and it appears that I’m not experiencing this problem with the 64-bit version; but this does make me wonder what the upper limit in exportable map size would be for a 64bit version. Thanks bjorn. Excellent tool you have here.

For the maximum QImage, width * height * 32 must be less than INT_MAX (2147483647). So even on a 64-bit system, the image can’t be more than 2 GB in memory (an 8K texture). This limit was lifted in Qt 5.10, but currently Tiled releases are built against Qt 5.9 (and Qt 5.6 for Tiled 1.2 on macOS). A Tiled built against Qt 5.10 would essentially only be limited by what the system can handle.

You’re welcome!

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