Cannot hide the grid in runtime

The engine is cocos2d-x, the map type is isometric.
I run the game with visual studio, and you can see:

I don’t need the grid, can I hide it ? Thanks!

Could it be that your graphics don’t align exactly? Does it look alright in Tiled?

In any case, if it looks alright in Tiled then this is a cocos2d-lua specific problem which you are more likely to get a good answer to by asking in the cocos2d-lua community.

Thank you.
I have fixed the problem:

You are right. It’s because of the graphics. But I got it from:
It’s the example from tiledmap’s github. I have fix the graphic with photoshop. The fixed pic is below:

Could you renew the file on github? So others study tiledmap will not confused by this problem.

Nice to hear you found the issue and thanks for posting a fixed graphic! However, the project you’re linking to is maintained by @stefanbeller and the proper way to contribute the fixed graphic is by opening a pull request against his repository.

Thank you. I’ll try it.