Could I get some basic help with setting up this isometric set?


I checked out the terrain tool information on the wiki, but it doesn’t seem to explain why the tiles are not aligning, even if I’m matching the tile sizes to the grid: I have seen this question asked about a year ago in my research and it was mentioned varying tilesizes are not supported, but as time has passed I was wondering if it’s possible to do now?

For example:

This particular tile is 132 x 99 and that is what the grid is set to, so why is it staggering like this? Or am I just screaming beginner here?

Just a little. The tile may be 99 pixels high, but that includes the sides that do not contribute to the size of the grid. Just try reducing the “Tile Height” property of your map until it looks right.

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Okay, I feel a bit silly. I was looking at the grid and was thinking this doesn’t really resemble a traditional isometric degree. Varying tile heights also work as well this is great! Thanks for your help :slight_smile: