Change stamp size?

Not sure how to explain this but I made some terrains so I could paint houses, doors, windows, paths and so on…but they show up as HUGE (paths show fine). Is there a way I can change the height and width of the terrain stamps? They only have 2 or 3 blocks in them but they are really massive… The wood and bricks should only be 3 tiles by 1 tile unless I’m dragging it…and the windows and doors should be pretty obvious. If this is not the right way to tackle this issue I’d love to know what is :).

These tiles have been designed and created by myself and are copyrighted.

To be really sure what’s causing this you’d need to share how you have set up your terrains. However, all those things you have set up there really aren’t terrains and I don’t think you can set up the terrain tool to somehow do what you expect to happen.

Try to use the terrain tool only for tiles with transitions, like your grass, water, sand and stone tiles, but place the doors and windows using the regular stamp brush.

The problem is they aren’t able to be simply stamped because if I select a start, middle, and end piece it just repeats when I click and drag, I have to do each one individually. I was hoping to save some time by having them work like roads.

Unfortunately Tiled does not currently have a tool to make placing such things easier, but it’s definitely something to add. Maybe the Wang tiles functionality could be made to do this, but it is currently too restrictive to be used in such a scenario. Alternatively, there could be a mode in the rectangle fill tool to not repeat the borders.

Aww darn :frowning:

Thank you for your help and letting me know, appreciate it!