Change Tiled coordinate system to left bottom?

Does Tiled supporting change coordinate system?
Default coordinate system for Tiled is “y-down” left top is origin (0,0)
I can’t change coordinate system to “y-up” left bottom is origin (0,0)
If it can be, it will be perfect for example LibGDX or other Frameworks used origin in “left bottom”.

Because, i draw object in Tiled, with giving X, Y, Rotation values
then when i go to my game code i am very confused because coordinate values is different.

I want to say summarize can you add optional button that change coordinate origin and object origin to left bottom (Cartesian coordinate system)?

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It would be possible to add an option for this, but of course it adds complexity and I have found other things more important so far. There is already an issue about such an option on GitHub:

I’d like to see an option for this in Tiled; everything in libGDX already uses y-up by default.

I vote for this.
I’m also working with libGDX and plotting points would be so much easier with this (even a y-up indicator at the bottom left of the editor window would suffice).
It tends to be a pain giving ids to those marker objects.