Change Tiled coordinate system to left bottom?

Does Tiled supporting change coordinate system?
Default coordinate system for Tiled is “y-down” left top is origin (0,0)
I can’t change coordinate system to “y-up” left bottom is origin (0,0)
If it can be, it will be perfect for example LibGDX or other Frameworks used origin in “left bottom”.

Because, i draw object in Tiled, with giving X, Y, Rotation values
then when i go to my game code i am very confused because coordinate values is different.

I want to say summarize can you add optional button that change coordinate origin and object origin to left bottom (Cartesian coordinate system)?

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It would be possible to add an option for this, but of course it adds complexity and I have found other things more important so far. There is already an issue about such an option on GitHub:

I’d like to see an option for this in Tiled; everything in libGDX already uses y-up by default.

I vote for this.
I’m also working with libGDX and plotting points would be so much easier with this (even a y-up indicator at the bottom left of the editor window would suffice).
It tends to be a pain giving ids to those marker objects.

I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that the feature of customizing the orientation of the coordinate system would still be much appreciated. Also for people like me, that use the Tiled maps in Unity.

Here here! :smiley: Not just unity, but other systems as well use y-up.

I’ll give a short update on the latest state of this feature. In 2018, @Anthony_Divitto worked on a pull request to add this option as a display-only feature (so, Y values are displayed inverted, but the saved map is not affected):

The change wasn’t completed however, but a few months later was continued by AdrianFL, and in the end we had a clean patch, but it was never merged due to a problem with object alignment we noticed:

Since then, Tiled did gain an option for modifying the alignment of objects, though only for tile objects, and the option is set on the tileset. So this does not really help yet in this case. That said, the work done to support this may help to finish this feature.

Feel free to also let us know what exactly is the behavior you’re looking for, and whether reversing the alignment of the objects is indeed required for this option to be useful.

I just started using Tiled. It is pretty awesome. Just wanted to join the request. I used cocos2dx, and the origin is bottom left, so to avoid having add more complexity to the game code, it would be nice to be able to
set the origing so Tiled adapts to every game engine (I believe there are only these to option: left-up or left-down. Never seen the origin to the right).
Last message on this topic was las year. Is there any updates?

Also, if implemented, this will probably only be a display property, and will not affect the data saved in Tiled maps. This means that any Tiled map importer for a bottom-left engine will still need to perform a conversion from top-left coordinates to bottom-left coordinates.

That’s okey, not a huge deal, it would just have been nice to have.

This is a solution for me:


When I parse JSON or XML I just change Y from “-” to “+”:

 <objectgroup id="2" name="Object Layer 1">
  <object id="1" x="7.7164" y="-80.2292" width="65.7237" height="10.4025" rotation="21"/>
  <object id="2" x="0.333333" y="-100.333" width="200" height="100"/>
  <object id="3" x="119.667" y="-76" width="68.6667" height="7.42332" rotation="-14"/>
  <object id="4" x="4" y="-17.3333" width="189.667" height="12.6667"/>
  <object id="5" x="103" y="-41" width="88.3333" height="7.33333"/>
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