How to set the display origin to the bottom left corner?

When drawing the tiles in the layered mode, I can see the current tile coordinates in the lower left corner of the window.

By default, this is set such that the top left most tile is the origin at [0, 0]. Is there any way to modify this that the origin is set to be the bottom left corner instead?

Most 2D game engines have the origin at the bottom left. It only needs to be a display preference for the status bar but usefulness of the setting depends on the framework implementing the loader. Otherwise you’ll have a coordinate mismatch between Tiled and game engine.

The request has come up before so clearly this option would be useful to some people. It’s covered by the following issue on github:

Btw, that issue only talks about the tile coordinates, and it’s the same in this thread. However, wouldn’t this also affect the Y position of objects? I think it gets a little more complicated there, since you can edit it in the Properties view.