Command Line export issue with tileset's name

Since I have been permanently banned from the Discord due to my account being hacked, I am not left with the forum to seek help. Lol

Command Line export does not (seem) to access a tile’s associate tileset’s name when using the API.
Is this information available during CLI exports?

By “tileset’s name”, do you mean the name, or the filename?

As for your ban: If you have your account back, you can probably DM bjorn, explain the situation, and get it unbanned. You were only perma-banned since no one knew whether you’d ever get your account back, so there was no temporary ban time that made sense.

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Thanks for the help. All this time I was trying to get the tileset’s filename when name is what I really needed. smh.

As for the ban, I tried contacting someone immediately once I noticed the activity. I foolishly didn’t have 2FA enabled. I should have know better. If I need to get back on Discord then I will make contact. Thanks for the help1