Completely Confused

I’m completely new to this and I’m confused on what to do. So I was going to create a character as a mod for Stardew Valley and wanted to create her house. But I don’t know where to look for the tile sets. I know I can click the New Tilesets and click browse but it takes me to where all my folders and other things are. How do I add them and where can I find them? I’m on a Mac desktop and I don’t know if I can download them from somewhere or Tiled has a folder with the tilesets on them and I haven’t found where they are located. I really appreciate all the help I can get.

Are you asking where to get Stardew Valley tilesets? You’ll need to extract them from the game or get them online. The Stardew Valley wiki should have information on that, it doesn’t really have anything to do with Tiled.

Extracting SV tilesets: Modding:Editing XNB files - Stardew Valley Wiki
Editing SV maps with Tiled: Modding:Maps - Stardew Valley Wiki

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